‘Hatchet’ incident: Man accused of attempted murder has case further adjourned at Ballymena Court

PROSECUTORS are still waiting on a doctor’s statement in connection with the case of a 51-year-old man charged with attempted murder and possession of an offensive weapon – a hatchet – with intent to commit murder.

Jonathan Reeves, with an address listed as Coronation Crescent, Clough, is also charged with aggravated burglary with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm with a hatchet and causing criminal damage to a door.

The charges are connected to an incident at Oldstone Park in Clough on March 5.

The defendant faces four charges.

The details of the charges are as follows: attempted murder of a man; possession of an offensive weapon, namely a hatchet, with intent to commit an indictable offence, namely murder; entered as a trespasser a building situated at Oldstone Park, Clough, with intent to inflict on any person therein grievous bodily harm and at the time of the said entry had a hatchet; and causing criminal damage to a door.

The case was mentioned at Ballymena Magistrates Court, sitting in Antrim, on Thursday where a prosecutor said they were unsure if they would meet a planned date of holding a Preliminary Enquiry – the legal step to send a case to the Crown Court – on October 15.

District Judge Nigel Broderick asked what was “holding up” a doctor’s statement and said perhaps the doctor could be summonsed to attend the Preliminary Enquiry.

Defence barrister Stephen Law said: “I appreciate doctors are very busy at present but that’ll focus the mind and I’m sure we will have the report for the committal date”.

The court heard the defendant is in custody.

The case was adjourned to October 15.

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