Hidden menace of floods in Ballymena area is revealed

A manhole cover missing on the Galgorm Road.

A WARNING has been sounded for road users to take care about a hidden menace of the floods which hit the Ballymena area on Sunday.

One man contacted ‘Ballymena Daily’ to say: “People need to be aware of missing manhole covers!!”

He sent pictures of a manhole cover missing on one of the busiest roads in the area – the Galgorm Road between Ahoghill and Gracehill.

The missing manhole cover at Galgorm Road.


A manhole cover was missing close to the junction with Lisnafillon Road.

How the manhole cover should look. Picture: Google Maps.


The man said: “It seemed nearly every car was hitting it when I was there. It’s a 60mph road so car drivers probably wouldn’t have felt too much.

“I’d hate to think what would have happened if a motorbike went over it.

“I phoned the police and made several motorbike groups on Facebook aware.

“I think they’re 600mm x 600mm. The cars that went by when I was there where hitting the far edge with a bang. Like I said if a motorcyclist or a slower driver went over it it could have been disastrous.”

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