Home comes under attack by egg-throwers for 35th time

POLICE have appealed for a woman to be able to “live peacefully” in her home after it came under attack by people throwing eggs … for a 35TH TIME.

The attacks have been happening in Randalstown.

The PSNI Antrim Facebook page said on Thursday: ‘Back on 3rd January I created this post regarding eggs being thrown at a house in Randalstown 31 times!

‘At the start of my duty today I became aware of a call to the same address where the owner has recorded 35 – THIRTY FIVE events of this happening!

‘Seriously folks it may seem minor to some and some may joke about it but this is outrageous!

‘Imagine yourself having to clear a mess like this on 35 occasions!! Anyone with information please contact Police and lets help this lady live peacefully in her home! Thank You”.

On January 3 this year police had said on social media: ‘***Randalstown Residents***

‘Antrim NPT are aware of a couple of addresses in the area that are being hit with eggs – some of the addresses on a regular basis.

‘Not only is this a nuisance for the owner of the property having to constantly clear the mess but is making them frightened in their own home as they can’t understand why they’re the constant target.

‘Any assistance identifying those involved would be much appreciated. Thank You.’



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