Ice to see you back Syd!

GETTING THE SCOOP... 'Ballymena Daily' couldn't resist one of Syd Bruce's ice creams.

IT was an indication that something more like normality is slowly returning.

We are talking about the simple pleasure of getting an ice cream on a sunny day like today – when the temperature topped 23 degrees centigrade – at Ballymena’s People’s Park.

CONE-GRATULATIONS … The return of Syd’s Ices is a welcome sight in the People’s Park.


Syd Bruce of Syd’s Ices was in his ice-cream van at the park on Monday and he told ‘Ballymena Daily’: “It’s great to be back.”

The play sections at the park may still be closed as lockdown restrictions have yet to be totally lifted but thankfully Syd’s Ices was open.

ICE-COOL: Syd Bruce at work.


There was a steady stream of families keen to get an ice cream as the temperatures remained high.

On a day like today – or indeed any day – we can think of at least 99 good reasons to get one of Syd’s ice creams.

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