‘IT’S UNCLE SCAM’: ‘American soldier’ strikes up fake relationship with woman before saying he needs cash to buy his way out of army

A WOMAN from the Ballymena area was almost the financial victim of a ‘romance scam’ after a man claiming to be an American soldier struck up a fake relationship with her, it has been reported.

The Scamwiseni Facebook page said: ‘Our partners at Police Service of Northern Ireland have informed us of a Ballymena lady who attended her bank to transfer a total of £700 to America.

‘Thankfully her bank didn’t let her as it was discovered the lady was a victim of a romance scam.

‘Someone had contacted her, claiming to be a soldier in America and struck up a fake relationship with her. He started to ask for money, saying he needed it to buy his way out of the army and come live with her in Northern Ireland.

‘This is actually quite a common scam, with the same theme of a soldier who needs money to get out of the army. Never send money to someone you have not met in person.’

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