Jedi Master Yoda is set to help out at the tills at Ballymena’s Poundland – he must!

Yoda will be helping out at the tills in the Tower Centre!

A Jedi Master is set to help out at the tills at Poundland in Ballymena’s Tower Centre – he must!

The distinctive voice of Yoda is set to be heard from the self-scan machines in the store.

Pint-sized Yoda, famous for his jumbled up sentences, may be more used to taking on enemies across the galaxies in Star Wars but now his legendary tones will greet self-scan customers in Ballymena … and beyond.

Poundland have introduced the voiceovers to their machines in stores across the UK – but Ballymena customers will have to wait a few days as their self-scan machines are currently out of action as part of a trial.

The self-scan tills at Poundland in Ballymena were not in use on Friday.


A Poundland spokesperson told ‘Ballymena Daily’: “Like all retailers, we trial lots of things and we’re currently using our Ballymena store to give us up-to-date data on the impact of manned and self-checkouts on things like how much people spend and how quickly we serve them.

“Yoda is our latest self-checkout voice and when our trial ends next week, he’ll be heard in Ballymena too, he must”.

The Poundland store in Ballymena.


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