JUDGE: ‘YOU WIN SOME AND YOU LOSE SOME’: Ballymena Court hears man ‘won car in raffle’ but was detected driving it home without insurance

A MOTORIST who collected a car which, according to a defence solicitor, he won in a raffle was then detected at the wheel without insurance on the way home, a court heard.

Connor McCoy (18), of Annaghmore Road near Toome, was caught driving a Peugeot 306 without insurance at Whitesides Road, Ballymena, on April 29 this year.

A defence solicitor said the defendant was admitting a charge of using a Peugeot 306 without insurance and permitting a Volkswagen Golf to be used without insurance.

A defence solicitor told Ballymena Magistrates Court it was an “unusual case” in which the defendant “won a car in a raffle and went to collect the car in his own car”.

The lawyer said there was no insurance on the car the defendant won in the raffle and “his friend drove his own car back, that is the permitting.”

District Judge Peter King said it was an “unfortunate set of circumstances” and added: “You win some and you lose some, quite literally”.

The case was adjourned to September.

Sean Totten (20), of Ballynamullan Road, near Toome, is charged with of using a Volkswagen Golf without insurance; a driving licence offence; being an unaccompanied L driver and absence of L plates.

His defence lawyer said Totten’s matters would be dealt with by way of a plea and his case was also adjourned to September.

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