Just days after announcement regarding ‘Stop’ signs near ‘Game of Thrones’ attraction there has been another collision

The scene near the 'Dark Hedges' on Wednesday.

JUST days after it was announced that ‘Stop’ signs are to be erected at accident blackspots near the ‘Game of Thrones’ tourist attraction – the Dark Hedges – another collision has occurred at one of the junctions.

The scene near the ‘Dark Hedges’ on Wednesday.


Two vehicles, believed to have both been carrying young children, were involved in a collision around 3pm on Wednesday at the Bregagh Road/Gracehill Road crossroads.

Ambulance and police were quickly on the scene and it is understood one person was taken to hospital.

Others are understood to have been treated at the scene for their injuries.

This latest accident, the sixth in just over a year, comes a short time after it was announced that ‘Stop’ signs are to erected at both Bregagh Road and Fivey Road junctions both crossing the Gracehill Road.

It follows pressure from politicians and groups on the Department for Infrastructure who finally relented following a meeting last Friday.

North Antrim DUP MLA, Mervyn Storey, had said it was about time that common sense finally prevailed regarding the signs and Causeway Coast and Glens Councillor, Joan Baird, also welcomed the news.

The new ‘Stop’ signs have yet to be put up.

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