Limit on Council motions ‘stifles democracy’ – Councillor Patricia O’Lynn

Patricia O'Lynn

BALLYMENA Alliance councillor Patricia O’Lynn has said that limiting the number of motions that can be brought before Mid & East Antrim Borough Council to two per meeting stifles democracy.

In a press release, Councillor O’Lynn said: “I stood for election on the basis that I would fully represent every resident in the area.

“On a regular basis residents raise with me issues they want investigated and actioned.

“On many occasions the most effective way of doing this is through proposing a motion at Council to have a decision taken.

“By restricting the number of motions allowed to two per meeting, I believe democracy is not being served and is in fact stifled by this rule.

“At the last meeting of Council I proposed that this two motion rule should be changed, but was met with opposition from a number of councillors.

“I would ask them what they are afraid of? Are they reluctant to take on more responsibility? Are they happy that issues that concern our ratepayers are not being fully addressed?

“I, of course, appreciate that Council meetings cannot go on endlessly with motion after motion coming forward, but I believe we need to ensure that as elected representatives we are fully meeting the needs and expectations of those who put us there. This issue deserves full consideration.”

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