Lisnevenagh Road dual-carriageway collision ‘not some sort of road rage’ stresses defence lawyer

A COURT heard a witness thought a Ford Kuga looked as if it had deliberately “rammed” another vehicle but a defence barrister said there was no suggestion it was “some sort of road rage”.

The comments were made at Ballymena Magistrates Court where Martin Robert Byrne (54), whose address was given as c/o his solicitor’s office in Ballymena, admitted a charge of driving without due care and attention.

A prosecutor said a road trafic collision occurred at 1pm on May 18 this year.

Police were made aware of a two vehicle collision at Llsnevenagh Road on the Ballymena-bound lanes of the dual-carriageway.

She said a two vehicle collision occurred between a Kuga driven by defendant and a Hyundai.

The prosecutor said a witness statement suggested the Kuga had attempted to overtake the other vehicle but collided with it.

The prosecutor said one witness said it “almost looked as if the defendant’s vehicle had rammed the other vehicle on purpose”.

The prosecutor said although there was some damage there were no reports of injuries.

Defence barrister Stephen Law said the defendant had a clear licence.

He said the defendant is a retired civil servant.

The lawyer said: “There is no suggestion this is some sort of road rage. He decided to pass the vehicle and clipped the vehicle as he was passing”.

Mr Law said he could understand why someone looking at what happened may think there was a “ramming situation” when in fact what the defendant had been doing, “very poorly,” was trying to pass the vehicle and he clipped it in doing so.

The defendant, who the court heard is a volunteer with the Ambulance Service, was “gravely concerned” about the matter.

Mr Law said the defendant accepted fully his responsibility for careless driving but the defence barrister reiterated there was no suggestion that a man of the defendant’s age “would decide to ram in a road rage scenario in this case.”.

The defendant was given six penalty points and a £250 fine.

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