Livestreamed council meeting gives a ‘Through-the-Keyhole’ type glimpse of the homes of local representatives in Mid & East Antrim

This was what councillors at home could see as this picture put on social media by Alliance councillor Patricia O'Lynn shows.

A FAVOURITE pastime for many during the coronavirus lockdown has been to closely scan what can be seen in the background when people appear on TV from their homes over online systems like ‘Zoom’.


There has been the occasional funny moment when someone or something strays into the background.

Alliance councillor Patricia O’Lynn posted this picture of herself taking part in the meeting on social media.


During the lockdown what appears in the background often becomes a topic of conversation.

Councillor O’Lynn with pens in a container.


A BBC Northern Ireland reporter for example painted the fence at his home after people noted it was not as pristine as it maybe should have been.

TUV councillor Timothy Gaston in a hoodie.


Another BBC Northern Ireland reporter caught the eye with a mug with ‘Ballymena United’ written on it in the background.

DUP representative Tommy Nicholl.


Many people have been taking to scanning the backgrounds and on occasions titles of books for example are plain to be seen with some scholarly titles often on show.

Councillor Maureen Morrow.


So when Mid & East Antrim Borough Council livestreamed its first ever meeting this week on Facebook, which featured a number of councillors taking part from their homes, there was a bit of interest in scanning the background.

Alderman Paul Reid from Larne with packed book shelves in the background.


First of all it all appeared to go without a hitch with no reports of strange incidents in the background on the public feed.

DUP councillor Marc Collins.


On one occasion a councillor did appear to be briefly struggling with the technology but quickly got the hang of it.

Alliance councillor Danny Donnelly.


All in all the new way of doing things seemed to go well for the Council.

Independent councillor Bobby Hadden.


As well as live pictures from inside the Council chamber in Ballymena – where a sprinkling of councillors were social distancing – we got to see a glimpse of local representatives in their homes.

Councillor Julie Frew.


One councillor could be seen wearing a ‘hoodie’.

Sinn Fein councillor Ian Friary.


Another councillor had a studious looking container of what appeared to be pens and one was pictured in front of a well-stocked book shelf.

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