Man (19) caught doing ‘ridiculous’ speed in Audi A4

The M2 at Rathbeg.

A 19-year-old in an Audi A4 was detected doing 104mph, a court in Ballymena was told.

Brayden Thomas Larmour (19), of Greenacres in Cookdown, pleaded guilty to exceeding the 70mph limit on the M2 motorway at Rathbeg near Antrim on February 20 this year.

The court heard he passed his driving test in June, 2019.

A defence solicitor accepted it was a “ridiculous speed” but it had been an “open road” and the weather was mild.

District Judge Nigel Broderick told Antrim Magistrates Court, sitting in Ballymena: “I have said this time and time again. Anyone who drives at these speeds increases the risk of accident and thereafter increase the risk of a serious if not a fatal injury.

“The clear message must go out to road users that this speed is unacceptable”.

The defendant was banned from the roads for a month and fined £150.

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