Man harassed Tullygarley neighbour in run-up to Christmas saying: ‘You are going to get it’

A MAN who harassed a neighbour in the run up to Christmas last year, including one incident when he reportedly said: ‘You b*stard, you are going to get it’, has been given a suspended jail term.

Scott Telford (27), with an address listed as Killane Manor in Ahoghill, admitted harassment in the Riverdale area of Tullygarley near Ballymena in relation to December 20 last year.

He also admitted assaulting a police officer on the same date.

A prosecutor told Ballymena Magistrates Court that at 2.40am on December 20 last year police received a report of the defendant harassing a neighbour,

Telford was said to have been acting aggressively outside the injured party’s home saying: “It won’t be long now”. When arrested he kicked a policeman on the leg.

The prosecutor said it was the second time within 36 hours that the defendant had approached the home of the man who “felt intimidated and harassed”.

The prosecutor said that on December 19 the injured party had heard “shouting and roaring” outside and when he looked out he saw Telford “hanging over” a fence acting in an aggressive manner, saying: “You b*stard, you are going to get it”.

On that occasion the defendant had then got into a car and “parked sideways” at the gate and sat outside the property for several minutes.

The court was also told that on December 4 the injured party was in bed when he “heard revving outside” and then saw Telford swing his leg over a fence and approach the door. Furthermore, there had been another incident where he had knocked the door.

The court heard the behaviour had been “ongoing for three months prior to the time it was reported to police”.

The defendant also pleaded guilty to two charges of tendering a counterfeit £20 note at two businesses in Ballymena town centre on February 18 this year.

He had attempted to buy a bottle of Lucozade with a counterfeit note and when the fake was uncovered Telford left saying he was “going to get his money back”.

The defendant then went to another store and bought a £1.20 comb with the counterfeit note.

Defence barrister Stephen Law said Telford moved out of Riverdale to live with his parents.

Regarding the Tullygarley incidents, the lawyer claimed there had been “a fall-out” between neighbours and although there had been “no violence exhibited,” “through his own stupidity” the defendant had “become a nuisance” sitting outside the neighbour’s house “cat-calling”.

The lawyer alleged Telford may also have been called names but he was not suggesting there was “any liability” on the part of anyone else.

Mr Law said the defendant had, in his younger life, been troubled with “illicit substances” and that was coupled with ADHD but it appeared he was now “completely off illicit substances”.

He said the harassment had been “nipped in the bud” and there have been no further difficulties.

Regarding the currency matter, Mr Law said the defendant understood he may have received the counterfeit note “in change”.

However, the barrister said, the “culpability kicks in” when it was drawn to his attention and he had gone to the second premises.

Telford was given a three months prison term, suspended for one year.

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