Man on ‘£5,000 drugs binge’ is jailed after vomiting up food and spitting it at his mother

Ballymena Court

A MAN who claimed to have spent £5,000 on a drugs binge vomited up food which his mum had made him and then spat it at her, Ballymena Magistrates Court was told.

Ihan Westerhuis (20), of Fernisky Road, Kells, also emptied a basket on a floor before pouring cooking oil on it and threatened to set it on fire.

The defendant pleaded guilty to possessing cocaine; assaulting his mother; damaging light fittings and making a threat to his mum that he would “burn” her out.

A prosecutor said that at 9pm on Tuesday November 10 police received a report of a domestic incident in which a woman said her son was “off his face on drink and drugs” and was behaving erratically and aggressively towards her “in relation to food which he had demanded from her and that she had then provided to him”.

The court, sitting in Antrim, heard the defendant’s mum went into a garage at her home and locked the door and after kicking at the door the defendant gained entry and threw a strimmer.

He grabbed his mother and dragged her out of the garage; slapped her on the head knocking her glasses off and when she tried to phone the police the defendant grabbed it.

In the living room the defendant then lifted a sofa and tipped his mum off it and shouted at her to “get the f**k out”.

He emptied a waste paper basket onto the floor and poured cooking oil over it and said: “I’ll burn you out then”.

He then lifted a vase and held it up whilst saying: “If you don’t get out I’ll break this over your head” and he wrecked the living room.

The prosecutor said Westerhuis then ate the food his mother had brought him, “vomited this back up and began spitting at his mother around the living room”.

Police subsequently found a small amount of white powder on a bedside table.

When interviewed the defendant said he had spent “£5,000” on a mixture of drugs which he had taken for “five days straight”.

He claimed he couldn’t remember everything about what happened.

The defendant, who was in breach of a suspended sentence, appeared at court via a video link from Antrim PSNI Station.

Defence barrister Aaron Thompson said the facts were opened in “technicolor”.

He said the defendant was diagnosed with depression and as well as prescription drugs he “uses illegal drugs to medicate himself”.

In the “sober light of day” he said the defendant accepts his behaviour had been appalling.

The lawyer said the “madness” of the incidents showed just how bad his client was on the drugs.

District Judge Nigel Broderick told Westerhuis: “What you did to your mother was wholly unacceptable”.

He said the offences were in the context of a suspended sentence involving the same victim which he had been given on October 13 this year.

In relation to the new offences, the defendant was jailed for five months and the judge also made Westerhuis the subject of a two year Restraining Order.

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