Man vandalised his ex-partner’s home in Ahoghill and live-streamed it online

A MAN vandalised his ex-partner’s home whilst streaming the incident live on Snapchat, Ballymena Magistrates Court heard.

Steven Moore (37) used the app to broadcast damage being caused to doors, a wall and other belongings at the property in Ahoghill.

Moore, formerly of Rathlin Drive in Ballymena but now with an address listed as in Belfast, was sentenced on charges of criminal damage, threats to kill, harassment, improper use of a public communications network and breaching a non-molestation order.

A prosecutor said Moore posted a Snapchat video on June 30, stating that he was going to his ex-partner’s home and she then remembered she had left her the house unlocked.

When she returned she discovered the door was open and a broken basket had been kicked down the stairs.

She noticed items thrown about the hallway, along with damage to a wall and bedroom and bathroom doors.

The prosecutor added that the woman “later received shared footage of the defendant entering her house and causing damage. It appeared that he had shared it live via Snapchat video.”

Moore, who had been prohibited by a previous court order from going near the woman’s home, also phoned his former partner’s mother and threatened to kill her.

The prosecutor said police made numerous efforts to locate the defendant but he had “fled the jurisdiction” before he turned up at a police station in Belfast on July 6 and made “full admissions” during interview.

District Judge Nigel Broderick noted that in a previous case the defendant had thrown “white spirit” over his former partner.

A defence barrister said the offences before the court were “significantly grave”.

The lawyer accepted that whilst the victim was not at home on June 30 this year the case was aggravated by being “live-streamed”.

At that point his mental health was “strained” during lockdown, it was claimed in court.

The defence barrister said Moore had “felt an immense loss at his inability” to see his children during lockdown.

The lawyer said Moore accepts his behaviour was “appalling” after he told his ex-partner in advance that he intended to go to the home.

The barrister said no one was present when he got there.

The barrister said Moore compounded matters by making threats to his ex-partner’s mother in the “heat of the moment”.

The lawyer said he accepted it was “quite clear this man needs some sort of assistance and some sort of treatment”.

He said Moore had issues with “anger management” and submitted the ex-partner and the wider public would be better served by not jailing Moore and instead getting him rehabilitation.

The court heard the defendant now has another partner.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said it was a “very serious case”.

He said it was “not without considerable hesitation” that he was not jailing Moore and instead putting him on Probation on the ‘Be Safer’ programme which is “not an easy option and is quite an intensive course lasting two years”.

There was also a condition that the defendant is not allowed to develop any personal relationships with other adults without first notifying his Probation Officer.

A two year Restraining Order regarding Moore and his ex-partner and her mother was also put in place.

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