‘MANIC MONDAY’: Streets crammed with traffic in Ballymena town centre is being put down to the continuing ‘pre-lockdown rush’

Queues of traffic have been entering Ballymena in recent days since the new enhanced lockdown was announced.

BALLYMENA town centre has been experiencing one of its busiest Mondays in recent times and it is being attributed to the continuation of the ‘pre-lockdown rush.

When the government announced last Thursday night that enhanced restrictions – which will be almost on a par with the original lockdown in March – are set to be brought in this Friday for two weeks people started flocking to the town centre.

Queues of vehicles were spotted going into the town on Friday morning.

And on Monday afternoon the streets were still very busy.

One motorist told ‘Ballymena Daily’: “Monday’s can sometimes be a bit quieter than other days of the week but today you could definitely see more traffic in the town centre.

“I would say it was one of the busiest Mondays in quite some time. I put it down to the pre-lockdown rush”.

It appears people are out getting some of their Christmas shopping in but others have also been treating themselves to things like a long-awaited haircut as hairdressers re-opened again in recent days following a four week closure.

From November 27 to December 11 shops described as ‘non-essential’ will have to close during that period.

Some are urging people not to rush out and say there will still be time to do Christmas shopping with the scheduled lifting of the enhanced lockdown in December.

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