Mayor tells of expected tourism boost following pipe band championships in Ballymena

Pictured is Mayor, Councillor Maureen Morrow, at the 74th All-Ireland Pipe Band Championships at Ballymena Academy

Many of the estimated 10,000 people who flocked to the  recent All-Ireland Pipe Band Championships in Ballymena pledged to return to the area, the Mayor of Mid & East Antrim Borough Council says.

Councillor Maureen Morrow said the event at Ballymena Academy had 3,400 parked vehicles in the grounds.

She told a council meeting this week: “They had to start and do a park and ride system whenever they came to a house full situation. They reckon there was well over 10,000 people.”

She said it was a “marvellous day – great for Ballymena”

The mayor said there were people there from all over the world including many from the Republic of Ireland and many people said they would be back to Ballymena.

Deputy Mayor, Cllr Beth Adger, said thanks should go to Alderman Tommy Nicholl for his role in securing the event in Ballymena.

“If it hadn’t been for Alderman Nicholl this would never have been to Ballymena,” she said.

Councillor Adger said Alderman Nicholl had been working continually for a number of years behind the scenes.

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