Meat firm director from Ballymena caught doing 125mph appeals nine months driving ban

NI Road Policing and Safety posted a picture of the 125mph speed showing up on a detection device.

A MEAT firm director from Ballymena caught doing 125mph is appealing his nine months driving ban.

Recently at Ballymena Magistrates Court Stephen McCurdy had been banned from driving for nine months and fined £500 after being detected speeding.

The defendant, whose address was given as Brigadie Avenue in Ballymena, was caught on the M2 motorway at Ballymena on May 30 this year.

He was at the wheel of a BMW and was 55 miles in excess of the 70mph speed limit.

At the time roads policing officers posted a picture of their speed detection device showing 125mph on social media.

At the original hearing at Ballymena Magistrates Court, sitting in Antrim, the defendant pleaded guilty to a charge of excess speed.

A prosecutor said police were on duty at 12.56pm on May 30 when they checked the speed of a BMW and it was 125mph. Weather conditions were dry and there was “little traffic present”.

A defence barrister said the defendant was taking the matter “particularly seriously”.

He said his client is a director of a meat processing plant, employing 35 people, and travels throughout Ireland and the UK as part of that business.

The lawyer added: “This is an incredible speed, he accepts that he shouldn’t have been doing it”.

Thankfully, the barrister said, no other road users were inconvenienced and the weather conditions were fine and clear.

The lawyer said the defendant was going to his business and the background was “concern” about a family member.

At the original court hearing, District Judge Peter King said a disqualification regarding a speed of 125mph is “almost inevitable”.

He said he took onboard there being “clear mitigation” and he understood why the defendant wished to see his family member “however nothing the court should say or do should be in any way seen as normalising a speed of 125mph on our roads.”

Judge King said thankfully nobody was killed, hurt or inconvenienced but at such a speed reaction times are minimal and if there had been a collision damage could have been “extreme”.

The judge said he had been considering a ban of a year or more but taking into account the early guilty plea and the mitigation he imposed a nine months driving ban.

As the speed was 55mph over the speed limit Judge King said he was also handing down a £500 fine.

The defendant accepts the conviction but is appealing the sentence.

The case was listed for the County Court in Antrim on Monday but has now been adjourned to later this month.

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