Mid and East Antrim Borough Council to respond to Aviation 2050 strategy

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council are preparing its response to the government’s Green Paper on its new aviation strategy – Aviation 2050 – the future of UK Aviation.

Chair of Borough Growth, Councillor Gregg McKeen, said: “The UK has a rich aviation history and government recognises its importance to the UK as whole.

“Northern Ireland is unique in that it has no road or rail links with the rest of the UK so it relies heavily on aviation to connect us with the rest of the world as a dynamic trading nation. It creates jobs and encourages our economy to grow.

“Given the importance of the aviation sector to Northern Ireland and specifically Mid and East Antrim Borough Council we feel it is important that a response is submitted given our current bid to have a Heathrow Logistics Hub within the area.

“We are ideally placed to deliver on this remarkable project but in order to remain competitive on the global stage we must consider the Aviation 2050 Strategy in terms of its overall impact and effectiveness, its implementation and any potential challenges arising from its implementation.”

The UK Government is developing a long-term Aviation Strategy to 2050 and beyond, the aim of which is to achieve a safe, secure and sustainable aviation sector that meets the needs of consumers and of a global, outward-looking UK.

The objectives of the strategy are to:

  • Help the aviation industry work for its customers.
  • Ensure a safe and secure way to travel.
  • Build a global and connected UK.
  • Encourage competitive markets.
  • Support growth while tackling environmental impacts.
  • Develop innovation, technology and skills.

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