Mid and East Antrim gearing up in support of Recycle Week

MID and East Antrim Borough Council are gearing up for Recycle Week 2019.

Taking place from Monday 23 to Sunday 29 September, residents and local businesses are being encouraged to think again about the everyday items that can be recycled as part of the ‘It’s in your own hands’ campaign.

The Mayor of Mid and East Antrim, Councillor Maureen Morrow, said: “As a Council we are proud to be supporting Recycle Week. This campaign is a reminder to everyone to think again about those everyday items that can be recycled.

“Currently the average black bin in Mid and East Antrim contains over 50 per cent of recyclable material. A shocking statistic given that these materials could have been recycled at the kerbside.

“As a Council area the current household recycling rate is 52 per cent and while more and more people are recycling, we have an EU target of 60 per cent to reach by 2030. A target we want to meet and exceed.”

Here are some short tips and advice on how to recycle around home.

Reduce – Use a lunch box instead of plastic wrap or tin foil. Carry a fork/spoon instead of using plastic cutlery. Buy fruit and veg loose, avoiding that plastic packaging! Buy boxes rather than bottles of detergents, which can then be recycled!

Re-use – Save take away food containers for the storage of nails/screws and buttons. Make pots and cloches from empty plastic bottles. Consider taking any unwanted clothing, shoes, jewellery and household items to the local charity shops.

Recycle – Use your blue bin/kerbside box for recycling plastic bottles, ice cream/margarine tubs, yoghurt pots, biscuit trays and fruit punnets. Bring large plastic items such as garden furniture and toys to your local Household Recycling Centre.

You can also download the Bin-ovation app for free to find out more on what goes in which bin, reminders so that you never miss a bin collection, directions to your nearest recycling centre and news and useful tips to help make recycling easier.

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