Millfield residents miffed at continuing mix-ups

Millfield in Ballymena. Picture: Google Maps.

RESIDENTS of Millfield in Ballymena have expressed continuing concern about mix-ups with the Millfields area of Kells.

A resident of Millfield in Ballymena contacted ‘Ballymena Daily’ to say that over the years there have been a number of incidents.

The resident, who did not wish to be named, told us: “Millfield in Ballymena had been long established and then several years ago a development was built in Kells called Millfields.

Millfields in Kells. Picture: Google Maps.


“At the time I contacted a local councillor to express my fears about the name creating confusion but the name ‘Millfields’ was given to the development in Kells.

“And what I feared has come true. Over the years there have been mix-ups. It is believed post has gone to the wrong addresses on occasions.

“Whenever I phone for a food takeaway I always make sure I mention it is Millfield in the town and not the Kells Millfields.

“And in recent weeks when I contacted an organisation about an issue they said they would send someone out.

“When no one appeared they admitted they had gone to ‘Millfields’ in Kells. It is very frustrating.”

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