‘Money back bottle’ scheme should be brought back to combat litter louts – councillor

'Money back bottles' used to be commonplace.

A CALL has been made for the return of ‘money back bottle’ type initiatives in a bid to combat littering.

Such money back schemes were popular in times like the 1980s when children often hoovered up glass bottles and brought them back to shops to boost their pocket money.

Cllr McCaughey


Kells councillor William McCaughey has called for such a scheme to be re-introduced in a bid to beat litter louts.

Minutes from a meeting of Mid & East Antrim Borough Council in Ballymena show that the councillor asked the Council ‘contact Stormont to consider legislation to levy a charge on plastic bottles/tins to encourage the return of items after purchase for reimbursement’.

Cllr McCaughey said a group in Kells was “extremely proactive” and do regular litter picks in the village.

He said that made a huge difference and for a couple of weeks the village would be “spotless”.

He said the Council should analyse litter to see where the problems are coming from.

He said much of it seemed to be soft drink plastic bottles and tins.

The councillor told a recent council meeting: “I think we need to be proactive and try and encourage Stormont to put like a charge.

“I remember when I was a young fella whenever you got a glass bottle you took it back to the shop and you got your 5p or 10p back and I remember out round parades going round the town if you seen a glass bottle as a young boy you picked it up and you got it back to the shop to get your reimbursement on it.

“I don’t see why we can’t have something like that on our Lucozade bottles, our Coke bottles, whereby, if you like, you are encouraging people to get them back to the source, a plastic bottle drop, a tin drop.

“I think we need to be trying to look at something like that whereby people are encouraged to return the item after they purchase it.”

Carrickfergus councillor Andrew Wilson (UUP) supported the comments regarding incentives to encourage recycling which he said happened in other places like Berlin which was “spotless”.

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