Motorist (64) claims he was doing 85mph in a 40mph zone after a nearby ‘younger driver sped up’

A defence solicitor for a 64-year-old man caught doing 85mph in a 40mph zone claimed the speed arose when his client was “jostling for position” to get into lane at the end of a stretch of dual-carriageway which becomes a single lane and a “younger driver sped up” when the defendant tried to overtake.

Francis James McSparron, of Walnut Road in Larne, was detected at the Harbour Highway in the town, which lawyer Kevin MacAllister described as a “well-known hotspot” for speed detections.

A prosecutor told Ballymena Magistratres Court the defendant was in a Mercedes vehicle on September 14 last year.

Mr MacAllister said the A8 at Larne was the “only road I can think of” in Northern Ireland that goes from a 70mph zone to a 40mph zone.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said courts had to “take seriously” drivers who do more than twice the speed limit and banned the defendant from driving for two weeks along with a £200 fine.

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