Motorist detected doing ‘105mph’ near Ballymena

The Lisnevenagh Road. General picture from Google Maps.

AFTER catching a motorist doing 105mph, police in Ballymena say it is more important than ever during the coronavirus pandemic that drivers keep speeds down to avoid accidents and putting the NHS under greater strain.

A motorist was allegedly doing 105mph on the Lisnevenagh Road dual-carriageway between Ballymena and Antrim on Wednesday.

The PSNI Facebook page said: “Now more than ever should we keep within the speed limits, so we don’t cause any additional strain for our colleagues in the NHS.

“Never is there an excuse to drive at 105mph, which the local Tactical Support Group patrol detected this evening on the Lisnevenagh Road. Unfortunately this has resulted in the driver having to explain their actions to the Magistrate in the near future.”

In another message, police said: “Please take personal responsibility for road safety, now more than ever. Protect the NHS – The last thing they need is to deal with the aftermath of a serious collision.

“Slow down. Wear a seatbelt. Pay attention to your surroundings. Never ever drink or take drugs and drive.#StayHomeSaveLives”


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