Motorist ‘over the moon at winning car in raffle’ but was then caught driving it home without insurance

A MOTORIST was “over the moon” at winning a second hand Peugeot in a raffle but “from a state of elation he went into immediate depression” when caught driving without insurance on the way home.

Defence solicitor Stewart Ballentine was speaking at Ballymena Magistrates Court regarding Connor McCoy.

The defendant (18), a farm labourer, of Annaghmore Road near Toome, was caught driving a Peugeot 306 without insurance at Whitesides Road, Ballymena, on April 29 this year.

He pleaded guilty to a charge of using a Peugeot 306 without insurance and permitting a Volkswagen Golf to be used without insurance.

A prosecutor said police noticed two vehicles “pass in convoy” just before midnight on the date in question.

When police spoke to the motorists it emerged McCoy owned both vehicles and he had no insurance for the Peugeot he was driving.

The other driver – Sean Totten (20), a plasterer, of Ballynamullan Road, near Toome, admits using a Volkswagen Golf without insurance; being an unaccompanied L driver and absence of L plates.

Mr Ballentine said McCoy won the Peugeot 306, which he described as a second hand car worth less than £1,000, “in a raffle”.

The lawyer added that the defendant “was over the moon at his luck and good fortune” at winning the car and he drove with his friend to “collect his winnings”.

Mr Ballentine said McCoy tried to go online and take out insurance for the new car before driving it and his friend then drove McCoy’s Golf home.

The solicitor added that “from a state of elation he went into immediate depression” after being detected for the insurance matters.”

He said the defendant needed his licence for his job.

Barrister Neil Moore, for Totten, said the men had been on a “short drive”.

McCoy was banned from driving for a week and fined £200 and Totten was given six penalty points and fined £225.

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