‘My Brooke had a heart of gold’ says mum her lost her daughter (12) in Ballymena house fire

Martha McMaster told 'Ballymena Daily' her daughter Brooke had a "heart of gold".

A GRIEVING mum has described her 12-year-old daughter whose life was tragically taken in a house fire in Ballymena as having a “heart of gold”.

Martha McMaster spoke to ‘Ballymena Daily’ after a vigil on Thursday night was attended by hundreds of people near the scene of Wednesday night’s blaze which has caused so much shock in the community.

The community in the Ballykeel estate rallied round Martha and the rest of her family following the death of her daughter Brooke Reid on Wednesday night.

Martha said Brooke was “a 12-year-old girl, who attended Dunclug College, my baby.

12-year-old Brooke Reid.


“She was just a typical girl, had her attitude, had her sassy moments but she had a heart of gold, she would have done anything…that has been reflected by the School, Sunday School, everything.

“The community have outpoured how good she was and I’m so so happy that is how everybody remembers her.”

Flowers at the scene of the tragedy.


Martha said Brooke liked meet with her friend Jessica at the park but like many other people on the verge of their teens technology was taking a grip and she also loved watching things like Netflix.

Martha revealed how Brooke had a love for top Ballymena Saturday Morning League team Harryville Homers and she often attended matches with her dad.

Several members of the Harryville team attended the vigil.

Added Martha: “She didn’t play football as such but she liked to have a kickabout with her cousins and stuff.

“She didn’t play professional or anything but you never know what would have been round the corner,” she said.

Martha wished to again relay her thanks to those in the local area who had tried to save her daughter and she wished to thank the wider community for their support.

Brooke’s grandad Billy McMaster also spoke to ‘Ballymena Daily’ after the vigil, saying she was a “really cheerful granddaughter”.

He said she had such a “big impact” on his life but now she was gone.

Billy said Brooke liked art and was going to “take up knitting through her granny”.

He added: “She just loved life, loved her school pupils. She wanted to become a school teacher. It’s unbelieveable”.

Billy also spoke of Brooke’s interest in Harryville Homers.

He said: “She was a big-time lover of Harryville Homers – followed in her father’s footsteps – he is a big fan. She did a great job supporting the team by her father’s side.”

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