Not even Paradise Walk can escape as it seems firework pests are par for the course in the lead up to Halloween

Police say fireworks have been let up at the golf course beside the Hilton in Templepatrick. Picture: Google Maps.

IT seems almost nowhere is immune from firework pests in the run up to Halloween – not even Paradise Walk.

Police say there have been complaints about fireworks being let off in the leafy surrounds of the golf course beside the up-market Hilton Hotel at Paradise Walk in Templepatrick.

The Police Antrim & Newtownabbey Facebook page said: “Fireworks are misused and are a nuisance for residents and pets in most of our towns and villages at this time of the year.

The leafy surrounds of the golf course at Paradise Walk.


“The purpose of this post is to highlight complaints we have received from residents of Templepatrick.

“Young people are letting off fireworks in the Hilton Golf Course. I have viewed boys in their early teens doing this at that location. Parents please guide your young people and help to keep them safe.”

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