Now it is Mid and EAT Antrim Council!

COUNCILLORS in Mid & East Antrim are being asked to approve an initiative to explore an opportunity for the council to work with ‘Taste Causeway’ to develop and support tourism food products and experiences along the Causeway Coastal Route.

A report prepared for councillors which is due to be tabled at a committee meeting on Monday night says the Council has been working with some hospitality and food businesses to develop the borough into ‘more of a food destination’.

The report says an example of that includes the ‘Tray Bake Central’ project in Whitehead and also entry into the Foodie Destination Awards in 2018 and 2019.

The report says: ‘During the process learnings to date have indicated that there are not enough food products within the area to provide a sufficiently strong tourism product.’

The report says that currently there are a number of tourism food businesses in Mid & East Antrim which are members of ‘Taste Causeway’.

The report says Taste Causeway is a membership organisation comprising around 50 businesses working to promote food and drink within the wider Causeway Coast & Glens area.

The report adds: ‘It co-operates with a number of local food markets including Naturally North Coast brand and these events are often held within Mid and East Antrim.

“Currently around 15 per cent of the total membership are businesses from Mid and East Antrim. Given the proximity of the established Taste Causeway organisation and the fact that they are already attracting membership from Mid and East Antrim and are operating within the area, officers would like to explore collaborative working to develop and support tourism food products and experiences within our area’.

The report said there are no immediate financial implications for the Council and any proposals would be brought back to councillors for approval.

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