OUTBREAK: Ten staff now confirmed to have covid at Ballymena Health and Care Centre

Ballymena Health and Care Centre

THE number of staff who have tested positive for coronavirus during an outbreak at Ballymena Health and Care Centre has risen to ten, the Northern Health Trust told ‘Ballymena Daily’ today.

Last week when the news emerged the number of cases was six and up to 80 members of staff were said to be self-isolating.

A spokesperson told us on Monday: “We can confirm that a total of 10 members of staff who work on the second floor of Ballymena Health and Care Centre have tested positive for COVID-19.

Ballymena Health and Care Centre.


“The Centre remains open with the exception of the second floor which has been closed.

“Following a detailed risk assessment, completed at the Centre by our Infection and Prevention Control Team, we have decided to ask all staff who occupied the second floor between 6th and 14th October, the identified infection exposure period, to self-isolate.

“This is a precautionary measure and reflects the fact that we simply don’t have the resources to complete a full contact tracing exercise of this scale. We are currently confirming the precise number of staff that this will affect.

“A total of 385 Northern Trust staff have the Centre listed as their work base. However many of these staff will spend their working day delivering community-based services.

“Although this outbreak could potentially impact on service delivery the situation is being kept under close review and to date, neighbouring teams have absorbed all urgent or critical patient/client need.

“We are exceptionally grateful to all of our staff who have altered working patterns to manage the workloads of their colleagues who need to self-isolate to ensure that patient/client services are maintained, the spokesperson said.

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