PAW-PER-VIEW: Video of big ‘fight’ at Waterfoot beach sees dramatic tussle!

DOG'FIGHT': There can only be one winner. Picture: Paul Faith.

THERE was no triumphalism in victory and defeat was accepted graciously after a dramatic tussle on Waterfoot beach.

In these days of pay-per-view to watch fight nights on TV this was freeview-by-the-sea in the Glens.

One viewer told ‘Ballymena Daily: “I suppose you could say in these days of limited sporting action people would tune in to watch two flies on a wall. But the tug-of-war between two dogs at Waterfoot was strangely riveting.

“There was the intense stand-off at the start as you wondered which way it would go and then there was a bit of craft from one of the dogs when victory was literally snatched from the jaws of defeat.

“It was also noticeable that victory and defeat were accepted with the minimum of fuss apart from a pose for the camera and a celebratory waggle of a tail”.

The video was taken by photographer Paul Faith whose pictures and videos while out dog-walking – along with his snaps of the numerous eateries he seems to visit! – are now almost a must-see for many. Story: Nevin Farrell.

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