Police approach two cars parked close together in Ahoghill and then find cannabis

WHEN police approached two vehicles parked close together in Ahoghill at 10pm on June 12 this year they smelt cannabis coming from one of the cars and then found a man had a small quantity of the Class B drug.

A prosecutor explained to Ballymena Magistrates Court that Bobby Rae (22), of Laurel Park in Ahoghill, said he was a “regular user”.

Defence solicitor David McIlrath said the defendant, a factory trainee, has sought help from his GP.

The defendant, who pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis, was fined £100.

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  • If the PSNI Spent more time and Resources Catching the Scum who Break into Old people’s houses and Homophobic Crimes People would be Happier A bit of Weed is least Harmful Drug out there