Police ask man how drunk he is on a scale of one to ten and he replies ‘1,000’

A 19-year-old was asked by police how drunk he thought he was on a scale of one to ten and he replied “1,000”, a court has heard.

Rhys Hemphill pleaded guilty to being disorderly at his home in relation to June 25 this year.

A prosecutor said police were tasked to the Round Tower area of Antrim around 10pm on the date in question in relation to a “concern for safety”.

Officers found the defendant “partially clothed” with blood on his face and in a highly intoxicated and agitated state.

Hemphill said he had been assaulted but didn’t wish to provide any further details and was very hostile to police, “shouting and swearing”.

He was placed in handcuffs due to his “volatile nature” and when he calmed a little his details were ascertained and he was taken home.

When he got there he became agitated again and swiped at a tree and punched the bonnet of a car parked in the driveway.

The prosecutor said the defendant’s father helped restrain him, along with police.

Defence barrister Neil Moore told Antrim Magistrates Court Hemphill had been “far, far, too drunk” and when police asked him how intoxicated he was between one and ten “he actually said 1,000”.

The lawyer said Hemphill had no recollection of what happened because of his level of intoxication.

The defendant’s parents have now spoken to him about drinking and he has “significantly calmed,” said the lawyer.

The defence lawyer added: “His mother and father are ashamed because he has brought his family name before the courts”.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said it was the defendant’s second time in trouble and warned if he is in court again it will not be just a fine the next time

The defendant , of Millhouse Meadows in Antrim, was fined £150.

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