Police concerned that during pandemic crowds were bussed to ‘illegal rave’ in remote Tildarg area

A rave was held in the Tildarg area.

POLICE say it is concerning that during the ongoing pandemic that crowds were bussed to an “illegal rave” in the remote Tildarg area between Ballymena and Ballyclare.

The Mid & East Antrim PSNI page said: ‘Over the weekend we were made aware of an illegal rave happening in the Tildarg area with buses transporting people from Antrim and potentially further afield, including our own District.

‘This is not the first time this has happened however it concerning that those attending are willing to put themselves and others at risk.

‘We have young people, some who are underage, consuming alcohol and potentially being left to find their own way home. They are putting themselves and others in danger, particularly when it comes to their own personal safety.

‘If you are a parent or guardian reading this then please speak to your children about the dangers involved in attending unauthorised events and be confident you know they are safe when they are heading out,’ the police message said.

It is understood police are aware of a number of similar ‘raves’ in the Mid & East Antrim and Antrim and Newtownabbey council areas in recent weeks.

It is believed the Tildarg event was held on Saturday night.

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