Police detected smell of cannabis as two people left a flat in Ballymena and then found a ‘joint’

POLICE detected a smell of cannabis as two males left a flat in the Lanntara area of Ballymena and officers saw one of them try to discard a cigarette which turned out to be a ‘joint’.

Ballymena Magistrates Court was told that when the men were searched a clear bag containing three grammes of herbal cannabis was located in a pocket on Ronald Robinson’s clothing on January 15 this year.

The defendant (42) of Ard-na-maine in Cullybackey, who had a previous record, said it was for his own personal use.

Defence solicitor David McIlrath said it was a “very small” amount of cannabis.

The court heard the defendant had a long history of drug use since the age of 13 and had gone on to be addicted to heroin.

The defendant was given Probation for a year with a condition that he participates in any programme recommended by a Probation officer.

District Judge Nigel Broderick told the defendant: “You are going to have to get a handle on this drugs issue because if you dont you are going to end up in prison”.

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