Police speak to driver in Broughshane about insurance issue and then find drugs

POLICE stopped a vehicle in Broughshane after their systems flagged up those named on the insurance policy did not match the age of the driver … and then drugs were discovered.

Ivan Marcus (32), of Ballyvaddy Road near Glenarm, was spoken to at Main Street around 10pm on June 26  this year.

He told officers he believed he was insured for the vehicle which belonged to his mother and he added that the vehicle was used regularly by everyone on the family farm.

A smell of cannabis was detected and the defendant indicated there was a ‘joint’.

Police then found two orange pills – which were Ecstasy; 6 grammes of herbal cannabis; ten grammes of cannabis resin, a grinder and a set of scales.

The defendant admitted charges of possessing MDMA (Ecstasy) and cannabis and using a Volkswagen Golf without insurance.

Defence solicitor Kevin MacAllister said the defendant admitted to police he had a “drug problem”.

The case was adjourned to December for a pre-sentence report.

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