Police spot car travelling at speed at a Ballymena roundabout at 3am … then drink driving offence is detected

Ballymena Court

POLICE saw a vehicle “travelling at speed” at a roundabout in Ballymena at 3am on January 27 this year and when they spoke to the driver they could smell intoxicating liquor.

Gerald McLarnon (57), with an address listed as Broughshane Road in the town, had an alcohol in breath reading of 50 – the legal limit is 35.

A defence solicitor said: “On this particular evening, friends had been at his house earlier and they had forgotten an item.

“He then drove out in the early hours to return the item. It was a short journey but it was a foolish action on his part, he thought he was OK to drive and he drove to return the item.”

The lawyer said the defendant had obtained a provisional licence and had passed a theory test but “with lockdown” was unable to sit a driving test.

The court heard the defendant had a previous alcohol related conviction and at Thursday’s Court he was banned from driving for three years and fined £600.

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