Roads chiefs quickly respond to police call to fix ‘monster pothole’ 

The 'monster pothole'

ROADS bosses responded quickly to a call by police to fix a ‘monster pothole’.

The pothole was on the Innisrush Road at Clady.

How the area looked when the Google camera car passed by.


The PSNI Magherafelt Facebook page intially said: “Potholes I know we talked about this before but came across this absolute monster of pothole just outside Clady on the Innishrush Road.

“We have reported it to Department of Infrastructure using their website so if know of any more get reporting them at

The ‘Clady crater’ has been fixed.


On Tuesday afternoon, the PSNI Magherafelt Facebook page had this update: “From reading the comments on yesterday’s post about potholes it seems everyone has fairly dim view on the prospect of Dept of Infrastructure fixing things.

“Within 24 hours of reporting the pothole they have been out and fixed it and not just with cold tar there was still steam rising from the fix when we seen it.

“Just goes to show that if you report it they will fix it, so if it’s safe take a picture of the pothole take the 5 minutes at home to report it at”

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