Prime Minister Boris Johnson: ‘We will do everything we can to save Wrightbus’

Boris Johnson has pledged that his government will do “everything we can” to save financially troubled Wrightbus.

The Prime Minister praised the company that he became closely associated with during his time as Mayor of London.

In the House of Commons on Thursday North Antrim MP Ian Paisley appealed to Mr Johnson to do all he could to help.

“In order to make the United Kingdom the home of electric vehicles the PM will know that he will need to protect the intellectual property of those making those electric vehicles,” Mr Paisley said.

“Will he then step in and save the company Wrightbus that he is very familiar with and is receiving significant economic hardship at the present time. Will he make that a priority.”

The Prime Minister criticised current Mayor of London Sadiq Khan for ending the city’s relationship with Wrightbus.

“Not a patch on the old guy,” Mr Johnson joked

“It was of great value to the people of this country and I think it’s a great company and we will make sure, I give my assurance, we will do everything we can to ensure the future of that great UK company.”

Wrightbus is best known for constructing Routemaster buses for the city of London while Mr Johnson was mayor. They were dubbed ‘Boris buses’ due to their close association with the Prime Minister.

The Galgorm business, which employs around 1,400 people, has drafted in professional services company Deloitte following reports that it is facing financial difficulties.

The company has confirmed that it is currently seeking new investors.

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