Public warned there is a danger of death if they enter scenic walk

The Blackhead Path is in a dramatic setting.

MID and East Antrim Borough Council has warned someone could be killed if they fail to stay off a scenic pathway while cliff face work is being carried out.

The public re being reminded that Blackhead Path near Whitehead is a construction site at the moment and will be closed until work is complete.

Due to health and safety risks the Council are urging the public to stay off Blackhead Path until the contractor has completed the works in their entirety.

There have been a number of incidents recently where members of the public have gained entry to the coastal walkway.

This could result in serious injuries or even loss of life and has also caused damage to completed works, the Council says.

These incidents could result in a delay to the works and push the completion date back.

A Council spokesperson said: “We hope locals and visitors take on board the advice on the signs that have been put up, as by not doing so, they are putting their lives at risk.

“We understand this is a hugely popular walk with the local community, dog walkers and tourists, but the safety of users of the path is of utmost importance.

“The cliff face remedial work is currently being undertaken and for that to continue safely the entire path is closed to the public.

“There could be land slippage or rock fall at any moment, which could result in loss of life if someone were to be on the path at the time.”

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