Residents get chance to try out new triple stack bins

An example of what a triple stack recycling bin trolley might look like.

RESIDENTS in Mid and East Antrim are to get the chance to trial new triple-stack bins.

A sample of people across the district will be able to test the system and take part in a workshop ahead of any future roll-out.

The council, which is reviewing its waste collection policy, has applied to the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs for £4.2million funding in a bid to introduce a uniform waste collection system and reduce landfill costs.

Some residents have expressed concern over the capacity of the triple stack system which is expected to replace blue bins in Larne and kerbside boxes in Ballymena and Carrickfergus.

An online petition opposing the replacement of the existing blue and black domestic bins in Larne has been signed by over 1,400 people.

The plan is also for existing black bins with a 240 litre capacity to be replaced with 180 litre bins. These and brown bins will continue to be lifted every two weeks.

The triple stack boxes which hold 165 litres will be emptied weekly. The blue bins will be removed.

Larne Alliance Councillor Danny Donnelly, who is trialling a triple stack bin at home, said it was “easy to use”.

He welcomed the idea of a workshop and trial scheme to be held in Larne.

“It would be a good way of making it a bit more popular in the town,” he said.

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