Roof of home is damaged by vehicle at ‘notorious’ road between Ballymena and Toome

The roof of a house was damaged in an incident.

A PICTURE of damage caused to the roof of a home by a vehicle illustrates the dangers of the ‘notorious’ Roguery Road between Ballymena and Toome.

Residents are appealing for motorists to exercise care on the road, particularly in the Moneyglass area, following what was described a a ‘miracle escape’ in one of the latest incidents.

A car hit a fence, the roof of the house and the crash also knocked the householder’s electricity out.

It is understood the driver was able to exit the car and the house resident was “very shaken up”.

Other damage was caused in the incident.


There have been fatalities on the road in recent years including in September when Vivienne Pieterse (50), who had recently moved to Ahoghill and was originally from South Africa, passed away after a collision.

Her death was the third fatality on the same stretch in as many years.

In May 2019, a 22-year-old man died in a crash and a man in his thirties died following a crash in November 2017.

A local resident has now told how a car smashed into the roof of a bungalow on Roguery Road.

The resident said: “There has been too many deaths and injuries on this road.

“The speed limit has been lowered, there’s a flashing sign to tell people what speed they are doing – but things are not getting any better. It has to stop.

“There’s a staggered crossroads, humps and dips, poor visibility, houses in close proximity to the road, it’s a recipe for disaster when you add speed or carelessness.

“And a lot of the poor people who died or were injured were not the ones doing anything wrong, they were just minding their own business.

“What will it take for people to be more careful? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a car had left the road and damaged the roof of a house, especially so soon after that poor lady had passed away the previous week.

“The driver and the homeowner both had a miracle escape. I know residents and some local politicians have been shouting for years for more to be done, but it feels like the whole area has been forgotten about.

“You shouldn’t feel like you’re taking your life in your own hands by just trying to drive into your own lane.

“I am asking people to please, please, please be very careful.

“People on this road, including myself, have seen things we should never have to have seen and families have been left grieving, it isn’t worth getting to your destination that bit quicker or taking a call or getting distracted.”

Commenting on the latest pictures, a councillor in the area, Henry Cushinan, said: “A motorist had a miraculous escape from a crash which could have had fatal consequences. One picture shows where the car struck the roof of the house.

“This is an extremely dangerous road and motorists need to observe the speed limit and take care . We do not want any more tragedies on this or any other local roads.”

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