Royal British Legion offers vacant break centre in Portrush to National Health Service

Bennet House in Portrush.

THE Royal British Legion has offered their four vacant break centres throughout the UK – including Bennet House in Portrush – to the NHS.

A spokesperson for RBL said “The NHS has acknowledged and thanked the RBL for the offer and will contact us as the pandemic unfolds.

“The NHS COVID-19 Incident Commander and Management Group will decide if the centres can be of use to the NHS, when and how.

“Until the NHS make that decision, we will not make alternative arrangements, ensuring the NHS have the first refusal.

“If the NHS do not choose to utilise the centres as part of their response to the pandemic, the Executive Board and Trustees will reassess how else they can be used to support the national effort during these difficult times.

“In light of Government advice around COVID -19, access to Bennet House for group gatherings or non-essential work is momentarily paused until further notice.

“Should there be any further developments or amends to this provision then you will be updated.”

In January The Royal British Legion closed its four hotel “break centres” throughout the UK in order to save £5.8m a year.

They said the decision had “not been taken lightly”, but had been taken because the charity has experienced an increase in demand where “the type of support needed is growing increasingly complex with people requiring help across multiple issues”.

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