Safety initiative for Dans Road is welcomed by Ulster Unionist representative Jackson Minford

The Dans Road in Ballymena.

Following meetings with residents of Dans Road in Ballymena, DFI Roads and the PSNI, Ulster Unionist Representative Jackson Minford has welcomed a joint road safety initiative being taken forward by both DFI Roads and the PSNI.

Mr Minford said: “The very positive responses by both agencies will help address the concerns that have been expressed by the local residents.

“These include more police enforcement to address the speed of traffic that uses the road each day where a number of motorists travel in excess of the current 30 MPH speed limit.

“Those motorists that are travelling too quickly are making it difficult for residents to safely exit their driveways and also for pedestrians wishing to cross the road, in particular children making their way safely to and from school each day.

“Since my meetings I understand that police enforcement has detected a number of motorists travelling in excess of the current 30 MPH speed limit.”

Mr Minford added: “The measures that DFI Roads has agreed to install will further emphasis the road as being restricted to 30 MPH along with a series of road markings and coloured surfacing will highlight the nature and layout of the road and identify specific areas of concern along it.”

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