Safety line missing in area were more than 50 young people were ‘partying’

This safety line is missing.Picture: PSNI Facebook

POLICE say a safety line is missing at Crumlin Glen where upwards of 50 young people were ‘playing loud music and partying’.

Referring to ‘trouble in Crumlin Glen’ the PSNI Antrim Facebook page said on Sunday morning: ‘Upwards of 50 young people playing loud music and “partying” greeted the attending officers.

Crumlin Glen

‘It’s extremely disappointing that this is still occurring with the work ongoing to upgrade and improve the facilities at the Glen.

‘You will see from the images a safety line has been removed and is now missing. This is disgusting behaviour and totally unacceptable.

‘So we return to the same old questions.

‘Where these your kids?

‘Did you drop them off in Crumlin?

‘If you did drop them off then be aware that there is a real risk that your child may get injured as a consequence of running about this closed facility with no access for emergency service vehicles.

‘Not all the children present are from the Crumlin area so if you can share this with family and friends outside of Crumlin please do.

‘My team will be actively looking to prevent reoccurrence of this problem and those responsible for the young people may find themselves having to collect them from police custody or worse a local emergency department.

‘If you are a resident with concerns that young people are using your garden/driveway to access the Glen and would like some Crime Prevention advice please let me know.’

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