Shoplifter is jailed for four months following assault on store staff member who tried to block door to prevent escape in Ballymena

A MAN who assaulted a member of staff who tried to block the door of a Ballymena shop during a shoplifting incident has been jailed for four months.

Christopher Hughes (23), with an address given as Trostan Avenue in Ballymena, was sentenced at the local Magistrates Court for assault and four thefts which happened at the start of September.

Goods taken included Hugo Boss aftershave, perfume sets and razor sets worth over £450.

The court heard the defendant had 28 previous convictions.

A defence solicitor said the defendant had “substantial difficulties” with substance misuse and had obtained bail and was living in a hostel in Ballymena after losing his accommodation in Belfast.

The solicitor said Hughes had “befriended another person within that hostel” and “they went stealing for want of a better way of putting it”.

He said there was a co-accused in the case.

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