Six candidates to contest North Antrim seat in General Election but TUV decide not to stand

The Houses of Parliament.

SIX candidates have put their names forward to contest the North Antrim seat in the December 12 General Election.

They are: Margaret Anne McKillop, SDLP; Cara McShane, Sinn Fein; Patricia O’Lynn, Alliance Party; Ian Paisley, DUP; Stephen Palmer, Independent; Robin Swann, UUP.

The nominations period has now closed.

The TUV is not running any candidates in any of the 18 constituencies in Northern Ireland.

In recent days the TUV said they were taking a “strategic stance”.

A statement from the party said: “First-past-the-post elections have always evoked a different and more selective response from TUV than PR elections, where maximising the choice for unionist voters is an advantage.

“This is a unique election in which we intend to take a one-off stance. TUV will sit out this single issue election. The pan-republican, pro-Remain assault on unionist seats calls for a country before party response.

“Having outpolled UUP and SDLP in the European Election, this was a difficult decision. It was most difficult in North Antrim because of the obvious failings of the sitting member.

“While many TUV voters may be disappointed, we assure all that the opportunity to vote TUV will most assuredly return.”

The deadline for registering to vote is November 26, while postal or proxy vote applications must be submitted by November 21.

Meanwhile, the full list of candidates for East Antrim is: Steve Aiken, UUP; Danny Donnelly, Alliance Party; Oliver McMullan, Sinn Fein; Angela Mulholland, SDLP; Phillip Randle, Green Party; Aaron Rankin, NI Conservatives; Sammy Wilson, DUP.

South Antrim: John Blair, Alliance Party; Paul Girvan, DUP; Declan Kearney, Sinn Fein; Danny Kinahan, UUP; Roisin Lynch, SDLP.

East Londonderry – Gregory Campbell, DUP; Richard Holmes, UUP; Cara Hunter, SDLP; Chris McCaw, Alliance Party; Sean McNicholl, Aontu; Dermot Nicholl, Sinn Fein.

A former Sinn Fein councillor on the old Ballymena Borough Council is standing in West Belfast for pro-life party Aontu.

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