Sneak thief strikes at pensioner’s ‘pride-and-joy’ garden in Ballymena

A HEARTLESS thief has struck at the home of a pensioner in Ballymena.

The pensioner was left baffled after a Red Azalea plant was uprooted at the weekend from his “pride-and-joy” garden which is lovingly tended to.

The Millfield man told ‘Ballymena Daily’: “It is not the biggest crime in the world and the plant wasn’t worth that much but I just want to highlight the sheer cheek of what happened.

“It shows that nothing can be left alone not even in a wee garden like ours which is our pride-and-joy.

“We love our garden and a lot of time is spent on it. But at the weekend we found a gaping hole left where the Azalea had been.

“It was close to the fence so the thief must have reached in and made off with the plant. It is disappointing.”




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