Solicitor tells Ballymena Court road ban will have big impact on restaurant worker at a time when covid restrictions means deliveries are needed

A DEFENCE solicitor said his client being banned from driving would have a big impact as he works in the restaurant trade and it comes at a time when deliveries need to be carried out during the current four week covid restricted period.

Lawyer Andrew Kinney was speaking at Ballymena Magistrates Court on behalf of Anwar Iqbal (33), of Clarence Street in Ballymena.

The court heard the defendant had been on nine penalty points and was then detected not wearing a seat belt at Wakehurst Road in the town on June 30 this year.

A prosecutor said when police noticed the defendant had 9 penalty points a fixed penalty notice could not be issued for the seat belt.

Mr Kinney said the defendant had been visiting a friend and had not gone more than a couple of hundred yards when police pulled him over when he was still in the process of putting the belt on and wished to apologise for being “slovenly”.

The defence lawyer said the defendant works in a restaurant and with lockdown and with the business doing deliveries a disqualification would have a big impact  as he would not be able to personally do deliveries.

District Judge Nigel Broderick banned the defendant from driving for a month along with a £100 fine.

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