Sponsorship opportunity for Fairhill Roundabout in Ballymena is awarded to a funeral services business

The Fairhill Roundabout in recent days.

A sponsorship opportunity for a prominent roundabout in Ballymena town centre has been offered to a funeral services business.

It involves the Fairhill Roundabout at Parkway.

It is not the first time a roundabout in the town has been sponsored by a funeral business – a roundabout at the Toome Road area has been sponsored by another funeral firm.

Several other businesses – for example a roofing firm – sponsor roundabouts in Ballymena.

The Fairhill Roundabout had been without sponsorship signs in recent months.

At one stage earlier this year locals observed the grass getting “out of control” at the Fairhill Roundabout but it was cut when ‘Ballymena Daily’ contacted Mid & East Antrim Borough Council.

How the Fairhill Roundabout looked at one stage earlier this year during the lockdown period.


At the time a spokesperson for Mid and East Antrim Borough Council told ‘Ballymena Daily’: “Roundabouts are owned by the Department for Infrastructure, with maintenance falling under the responsibility of Council.

“The unprecedented Covid-19 emergency has resulted in increased demands on Council services, as well as a reduction in staff, many of whom have been re-deployed during the crisis period.

“Unfortunately, routine maintenance has been affected but we hope to be in a position to resume this work when adequate resources are in place.”

The Council spokesperson added: “Due to recent expressions of interest in the Fairhill Roundabout flower bed, a new advertising process relating to sponsorship opportunities at that location will be announced in coming days.”

That process has now moved forward.

The full Council meeting, held in Ballymena on Monday night, has now rubber-stamped the minutes of a committee meeting where the Fairhill Roundabout was discussed.

Minutes of an a Committee Meeting held in August show the recommendation to the full Council was to award sponsorship of the Fairhill Roundabout for three years for a fee with the company ‘designing and installing four signs on the roundabout and assisting with the grass cutting’.



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