Stands at both ends of Ballymena Showgrounds would ‘ensure a proper atmosphere’ says report

Ballymena Showgrounds

POTENTIAL plans to build stands at both ends of Ballymena Showgrounds continue to be explored.

A report is set to be tabled at a meeting of Mid & East Antrim Borough Council – who own the Showgrounds – on Monday, ‘Ballymena Daily’ can reveal.

The report says architects have been requested to produce options and costing around the provision of a ‘1,300 seating/standing terrace at both ends of the Showgrounds main arena to fully enclose the playing area and to ensure a proper atmosphere can be provided’.

The report says options include without roofing; roofing at both ends or roofing only at the Fisherwick end of the ground.

The report says it is anticipated that drawings along with costing will be available at a meeting in mid-January.

In a comment posted on the ‘Ballymena Daily’ Facebook page, Ballymena United Chairman John Taggart said: “To me this would be the most appropriate build for the Showgrounds. Close in both ends, resurface the pitch and make the Showgrounds a top venue in NI. The opportunity is there to make this happen.”


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